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Hey Guys,

just got a full exhaust put on my BA N/A XR6. It sounds good and it goes better but since the exhaust was put on i have just noticed that in 3rd or 4th gear, when the torque converter is locked I think, it feels like after i take my foot of the accelerator and then accelerator again, the revs go up very little (about 200rpm or so) and then go back down very slightly and then the car picks up and its starts revving out. It feels like a slight hesitation/pause in accelaration. It doesnt do this in 1st or 2nd gear. now i cant remember if this is normal since i didnt have my exhaust before and it was very quiet but now since its louder it doesnt seem normal.

the car is on 52,000kms and never been trashed or anything.

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Sounds normal to me, but I would still get it checked.
Having a larger exhaust put on will reduce back pressure, some larger exhausts are fitted with a turbo muffler to introduce back pressure again, therefore eliminating the reason for having a larger exhaust put on in the first place.
The advantages are a lower idle in top gear and longer rev range, this is what creates addiional top speed. And will change your exhaust note, depending on the type of extractors used.
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