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I have a BA ute wich i bought from the auctions with a seized motor.
Put another motor in with a supposed 12000 kms on it but the car seems
a little gutless.Especially from a standing start.
It seems to have a exhaust leak from when they forked the car.They bent ithe exhaust a bit.
Was just wondering.Is the exhaust the reason for My BA fealing kind of sluggish.
My 2001 Verada feals a bit faster.I thought the BA would have a fair bit more poke then the Verada.

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I think the BA has a wonderfull motor.. problem is getting it to use the power it has.. with the auto, the BA is quite'll pull somewhere around the 70's in first and at about 60 that's where the motor is really boogying...keep it up there and it's fun all day... the manuals would be much better I would imagine.. and then the 6 speed auto would be even better again.. pity they don't have the 6 speed autos in a ute,...


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my car felt a bit sluggish..... took it to ford and they cleaned the sparkplugs... still not good. so i took it back again and they gave it back with new cams. when that was no good it required a reconditioned head. *sigh*

still shes all good now.

check the compression. mine was low as two of the valves were not closing completely.

i doubt this'll be your trouble. but it's what happened to me. :)

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Animalector said:
it'll pull somewhere around the 70's in first and at about 60 that's where the motor is really boogying...
BA XT Auto does about 85-90km/h in first gear shifting just below 6K RPM, due it its ridiculously tall first gear and final drive ratio.

On topic; the BA ute will do this as well, but its a bit difficult to comment considering the ute has had what seems like a pretty tough life. you dont see many motors seizing. Was the tranny replaced as well?

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i have a 2003 ba se utility and it seems to lack power off the line
compared to me oldies 2002 ba xt sedan would it have anything to do with the gearing as a utes made for towing bigger weights
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