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I'm back in New Mexico fellas. Did the trip in 2.5 days compared to 4 days on the way to VA. Drove all day the first day, slept then drove straight through the next night. Still haven't slept, I"m tired but not....oh well

The Tempo took the trip like a champ. I'm real proud of my baby, she held together so well, clutch and all, smoking past other vehicles, hanging over 85MPH even on uphills without more throttle. I hit the 120MPH governer a few times. Gotta love the 3.33 gearing. It even got slighter better mileage economy, 325 miles on 8 gallons, sets it slightly above 40MPG!! Going over 80MPH. I'm gonna miss that MPG with the HO V6.

It took the trip real well even though a cross country trip is hard on a car. Right now she's really dirty from going through all the rains she has.

Now that it's back at it's home in the desert it completely lost all it's balls. Out in VA though, it was much stronger, but it idled horribly out there. The tach's needle wobbled between 700-1100 RPM like it had a big cam. Out here she idles so smoothly, the tach's needle sits absolutely still, it's definetely a desert car.

Just a little story on what happened in Oklahoma going through OK was about 1AM and some guy (who must have been jacked on something) just swerved all the way over to the left lane right in front of me and nailed the brakes. All other 5 lanes were EMPTY!!! What a bastard. His truck was all beat up, I don't know what he was on....but I swerved over to the other side of the highway. Then his stupid ass swerves back over and nails the brakes in front of me again. I gave him a taste of some HID high beams, he swerved around some and he flicked his cigarette out his window and hit my was on now buddy....I downshifted to 3rd and let a heavy foot lay into the gas passing him while moving again over to the left side of the freeway. I got in front and he swerved over right behind me. It was perfect. What an ass.....cuz I grabbed a whole handful of change, and moved over to the lane on the right (while still in front), stuck my torso out the window and chucked the change right at him. I could hear them nail his truck and I put a bunch of little spider webs on his windshield. I figured it was time for me to get the hell out of there so I kept on the throttle.....his POS couldn't keep up so I lost him.....what a sucka

Oh yea one more thing......In Tennessee I saw a 1986-1987 2dr GLS on the highway. I just have to say it was beautiful. Had brand new spankin ass shiny beige/champaign paint (definetely not factory), the whole car looked absolutely brand new, had a shiny red stripe around it on it's trim. Reminded me so much of the first time I saw my GLS in 1987 for the first time. Everything was new, shiny black trim around the windows, nice grey bumpers and trim. The tires were at least 195/70's, they were wider than stock around the 7 spokers and had white lettering.....looked so nice. I saw it while hauling 85+ and he was going just 55MPH.....So I slowed down and pulled in front of him and cruised with him for a while. Hey there Tennessee GLS dude.....if you read this you know it was me! I hope he finds TTHP.
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