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Went to Moroso last night and had what was probably the worst experience there ever.
After having waited for 45 minutes to tech in,I then waited for what seemed like forever to get my first pass in.
I dialed the car at 12.90 figuring with the heat (90+) I would run like crap. Finally get my first pass in by 9:30pm after arriving at 7!Did my burnout and the car refuses to spin the tires.
Finally pull to the line and launch it pretty good, I get out to about 200' and the car suddenly redlines and bounces the revlimiter! I'm like WTF!
At first I thought I lost traction but then I suddenly realized I had lost first gear...finally(been nursing this trans since March).
That sucked! Now I am running at about the 1000' mark and this race car in the other lane comes FLYING by me like i'm standing still.
So I figure i'm WAY off my dial for him to catch me that early.
As it turns out I ran a 13.37 at an unknown mph(no slip).
I was pissed(I can almost RUN that fast...).
Then we find out the tracks timing system is screwed and we had to go to the tower for a copy of our run.(which is a major PIA so I skipped it )
We do have video we will post in a few days.
Having trashed 1st gear I gave up and I parked it and went in to the stands to be a spectator.
Did get to meet Dave Tomasetti from the board though and his wife/girlfriend not sure which she is sorry Dave.
Saw a very nice pass made by my Nitrous guy Russ Jung at [email protected](Damn wish that was ME)
We saw a 69 Chevelle Pro Mod run an 1/8th mile pass at 7.20 @ 189!!!!Damn that looks fast from the stands.
Mind you I am a crewman on a Pro Mod so I am used to the speeds but from the back not stands.
I watched Bigant run 2 blistering 15.x passes on bald ass tires in BigAnt1...put some tires in it and it would be a solid mid 14 car...not bad for stock with a 5 speed(sadly BigAnt 2 succumbed to a computer failure before we left and had to stay home).
So on a good note it looks like Dave Tomasetti may have a 5 speed setup for me...we are still negotiating
The one good thing all night was the girl watching very good for that last night.
Anyway I WILL be back together for the Shootout and running BETTER than before. Looking forward to a weekend of racing and shootting the bull with all you guys.



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are you going to try a Tremec or just put a t5 in there and have to baby it all the time?

I just can't see puting a 5 speed in my car. Then again I'm not pulling 12's either but we'll see

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No I plan to do it only ONCE so Tremec is the winner.
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