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BATHURST 1000 6 & 7-OCT-2001


5.45a.m. Information Bay Glenbrook - we are leaving at 6.00a.m. Sharp

8.00a.m. Regroup Havannah Rd (see Map) Bathurst City

8.30a.m. Set up, get comfortable Mt Panorama

5.00ish Pack Up, Head for Car wash & Accommodation.


6.30a.m. Meet Track Entrance

7.10a.m. Scrutineering Bathurst

8.ish Parade Lap of Mt Panorama

10.00am to 4.30p.m. Bathurst 1000 Race.

5.30ish Drive home together

* Those coming up for the Sunday only should call Jeff or Tim Saturday


Do I need to say anything about Police or acting stupid while
representing the club?

The cars will be checked for fluid leaks before entering the track so
give them a good wash underneath.

We will be washing the cars together over the weekend so bring your
bucket & sponge.

You will have the majority of your time to yourself, but we ask you to
spend one hour each day minding the cars and talking to people about the
club. There will
be a roster floating round.

They may breath test drivers before allowing them on the track, so
control yourself.

Ford have finally started to support us, so lets do the right thing by
them and behave.


Tim 0417 240 320

Jeff 0418 411 059
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