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I watched Bathurst the other day (on video - I was working when it was on) and a few things struck me.

Pretty early on I noticed that some of the guys were pushing really hard - which seemed odd and almost invariably brought them undone. Mark Skaife's tactic seemed to be to just stay within the top four and then sprint toward the end. That's the sort of tactic I also remember Brocky using many years ago - so what happened to the rest? Did they all forget this or what?

Also, on the wider subject of just how well HRT are doing - does anyone know just how much input the HRT guys have on car setup? I'm curious because I'm pretty sure I heard something a while ago along the lines that the HRT cars are basically set up by the workshop guys (ie. setup for each track) and then the drivers have to just learn to drive them as they are - they don't constantly bugger with them. If that's true then I can see it being significant (maybe The Secret), because that way the guys have the opportunity to really get to know the car and how to use it - and on the opposite side of the coin, those teams that constantly fiddle may be leaving their drivers with cars that are always changing and therefore they're not really able to get the hang of them?

Gotta take hats off to HRT, they're doing a terrific job. C'arn Ford guys - lift ya game!!
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