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ok i have the following stuff for sale it has to go so make me an offer

el bbm manifold and wiring loom for injectors... no injectors injector rail or throttle body.. SOLD

ef tail lights imaculate

ef mid series (blue) bem

ef steering wheel

full set of ef seat belts

various ef interior plastics.. have a lot but not all so just tell me what u need and i'll see if i have it

ef 5.0 v8 maf and air box

ef xr8 fuel pump

pair of ef xr8 cats good condition

microtech D5 fuel only ecu & manual (havn't used seince i bought it but previous owner told me it works fine)

T3 compressor housing, backing plate and wheel

various ef wiring looms

set of ef boot carpets for floor and sides SOLD

ef boot lid no spoiler

ef boot gas struts perfect condition SOLD

ef bonnet gas struts appear to be ok but havn't tested

ea sports cluster with tacho

ea complete dash

ea center console

ea rear seats

ea boot lip spoiler SOLD

complete set of ea door trims.. grey good condition appart from the useual damage by the drivers arm

xf extractors

mr holley 2 barrel inlet manifold to suit 250xflow alloy head

more stuff to be added as i continue cleaning up...

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Sorry to partially hijak but i think i can be of assistance here...

To whoever bought the BBM, i have an injector rail, injectors and throttle body left over from a conversion. PM me quick.

BA'o'Matic 100% working.
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You have PM :0)

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