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Hi all before any1 says it yes I know just stroke it 2 a 351 n go from there ( believe I will b doing that within the year ). I have a zk fairlane in mint condition only done 135,000km ( original ). The car is used as a weekend cruiser on 1-2 a month I have so far on done the manifold n carbs, for the manifold I went edelbroke RPM air gap n carby went a 600holley. I have got 2v tuned comp pacemaker extractors going on with a hooker high flow muffler all through a 2 1/2" exhurts system hoping for a big improvement on torque + hp gain ? ( also I've been told that carby engienes gain more power without using a muffler is this true as the person who told talks a lot of crap! ) I've also been told to change my gear ratio as its only 2:92 whats would b the best to replace them with ?? Is it worth getting my heads machiened ?? Just tell me what use think is best for gaining power/torque etc would love hear some good feed back thanks

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clevo's are more of a torquey engine compared to the windsor bertheren.

you wont gain anything by dropping the mufflers except a defect notice for excess noise.

yes a change to (road friendly) 3.55 gears will help get your acceration up but you will lose some top speed.

heads... you wont gain anything by changing the size of the ports, as ford was pretty generous on that but smoothing the flow to the chambers will help. at lot of old schoolers put 4v valves into 2v heads. so they got 4v heads.

the other thing id do is save up and buy a bolt on a aftermarket EFI kit. the clevo has been efi'd in the past with great results but those cars were the few. ive gone between carby and efi and the great thing about efi is no loss in power anywhere like you get sometimes with some carby set ups.
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