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Cross post from FVC:

BIG NEWS!!!....everyone please read...
Hey guys, I have some good news here....I talked with Vinnie Kung and after his brief absence he is coming back to MM&FF effective September under freelance contract!

Now, here is the deal....There is going to be another Lincoln shootout sometime in October! Vinnie has asked me to help him gather together some Lincolns....he wants them to be FAST and to be presentable(good appearance for magazine pictures). The shootout I am sure will be held in New Jersey at Englishtown and will most likely be during the week so you must be willing to go that far. Sooo, here we go.....what I need you to do if you are interested is to email [email protected] with a resume' of sorts....details, 1/4 mile times, contact information and a picture. I will then build a file of applicants and get together with Vinnie so that he can choose the cars he would like to use.

You see, I told you guys that even thought the LSC-R is sold that I was not going anywhere

Paul Becker
'87 LSC-R(relocating with new owner to Southern California....planning for the LSC-R II)
'98 F-150 Super Cab
'90 Mustang LX 5.0 Conv.(Limited Edition-wife's toy)
'88 Mustang LX 5.0 hatchback
'86 SVO (teal)
'86 SVO Competition Prep option(white)
'84 SVO (black)
'84 SVO (black)
'84 GT conv.(FOR SALE)
'69 Cyclone Spoiler(Dan Gurney Special)
'65 Mustang Fastback(Shelby look-a-like)
'87 F-150(tow vehicle/parts hauler)-FOR SALE
'85 Mustang Convertible(Shell, For sale-great project base)
'91 Mast 16" car trailer

Founder & President of CCA(Car Collectors Anonymous)

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