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Blooody...[Low mk5 Wagon]

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Hello my name is Egor I from Russia, Arkhangelsk
Manufacturer: Ford
Model: Taunus mk5 Wagon
Year: 1979
Engine: R4 OHC 1998cm3
Color: Red
Modifications: bumper and glass from MK4
Wheels: native 13' stamping on a miserable rubber
Plans: on the trunk lid to keep only the handle opening, raise the mounting rails, remove all excess from the engine compartment (drums, stove, the mechanism of janitors, etc.), non-contact ignition from Sierre,horizontal carburetors,wheels, air suspension.
Acquired: June 2010 in a poor state, was about six months under the poplar

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Welcome to the forums. That's a great looking wagon. You made it look very good.
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