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Bluetooth not working

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I recently got a 2012 Fiesta (mk7, 2008-2012, 3 door Zetec) with a Ford Audio system (looks like the picture attached). It's equipped with hands-free audio and calling,but i can't get it to work.

Upon going into Selecting Phone -> Bluetooth On -> Select Phone, it says "Please wait..." and then returns to the radio screen. The Bluetooth light does not come on. I've tried removing fuses for 10+ seconds and replacing them, with no joy.

Any ideas?
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Not showing any picture

Update: It’s now not even loading past the boot screen. Earlier just after I took the picture, the radio stopped randomly, and upon trying to change channels, it turned itself off and now won’t boot back up. Dodgy head unit???
Dealership should replace it completely free, but it’d be nice to know what the problem is.
If your sure it's covered by a used car warranty , don't mess about with it and take it back for fixing .
hi did u fix it? ii have same problem and i need solution
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