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Bluetooth will not sync with my phone

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I have a 2009 Escape XLT and I can not get the auto to sync with my phone. When I press the "phone" button on the dash, the display says "No Phone". I've tried all the tricks with pulling the sync fuse, run it for 5 minutes shut car off and plug the fuse back in. Nope! Not happening. I have no clue how to check if my car has Sync. All 2009 have it, but I'm at a lost to the steps to allow my phone to sync with the car. Really like to know how to get this to work. thanks
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Your phone with its later version of BT might not be compatible with the earlier version in your car.
Don't know much about it, a little though. From what I've found, you need to not only reset the bluetooth on the car, but you need to clear the cars' radio listing from your phone before you can try again.
Also, instead of just pulling the fuse, just disconnect the battery for 5 minutes instead as there are typically 2 fuses for the radio.
Supposedly it does, and BT is supposed to be backward compatible. Try disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes or so instead of pulling the fuses, then on your phone, look for "SYNC" in the BT settings and delete it, then watch the video Logan posted.
Based on the pic and the other info you posted, your system is not equipped with SYNC.
Page 28 of your owners manual, bottom paragraph shows this, along with page 70 for the steering wheel buttons.
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