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Is General Motors out to shock the world? By hiring Bob Lutz, you'd have
to assume so. GM is preparing to announce -- possibly as early as this
morning -- that Lutz, the former Chrysler chieftan, will come on board
as a product czar to steer GM's future car and truck development. Stay
with throughout the day for breaking news and
developments on this story, sign up for TCC's Daily Edition so you'll
never miss out on the day's news as it's being made, and content yourself
with a review of
one of Lutz' progeny -- the Viper RT/10 -- while the headlines are made.

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Oh sorry Ian, you said Bob Lutz!
I thought you said Lionel Hutz.;) ;)
Maybe this will mean we'll see a few mad looking cars coming out of the GM stable if the Viper is anything to go by?
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