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Hey there Probe owners:

I had a little accident back in april and AAA is finally getting off their butts and sending me a check. I have slight damage to my drivers side front fender and my front bumber is falling apart now.

I want to get a new body kit all together since i have to replace the bumper. Besides that, my skirts are cracked in a couple places too.

My problem is this....
i'm new to finding parts on the net and ppl around town cant get a kit for my '93 PGT. I am hoping that someone out there can point me in the right direction and maybe get me a gestimate on the price it will cost me.

oh ya....Dan: can you send me that recipe for that Home Depot CAI?? my email is always there if you dont want to post it.


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For body kits - I think the front stock bumper is still the best looking thing, but here are some alternatives:

Look for the kits for Ford Probe. Personally, I like the CW front end and the Sinsei front end - however, both of those bumpers require extensive body work to make fit properly and not fall off. They are both fiberglass and not the best quality.

For sideskirts, my personal favorites are the fxdesigns sideskirts.

Rear bumpers - I like the Sinsei rear, but again it needs a LOT of work to make fit (4-10 hours of shop work @ $60/hr...). I also like the FXDesigns prototype rear end.

From these 3, FXDesigns makes the highest quality work. Erebuni is second, with Sinsei/CW quality being very bad...
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