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So just bought a 2005 Mustang GT with 104,000 miles.Runs fine.When I bought Mustang didnt know anything about this issue with spark plugs breaking and possible huge repair bill to fix.Probably would have not bought car If I knew.
Why the hell Is the consumers problem.I didnt design the engine and defective plugs that break.So kinda pissed off about that.
But..enough crying over spilled milk.
Read up on how to remove them but from reading on net and watching youtube videos thats no guarantee that it will work.Seems to come down to you will break spark plugs.Question is how many plugs will break.

So going to buy Lisle Tool.Question is I have read what Ford recommends to do and that still breaks plugs.

Im thinking of trying it this way.

1)Crack the plugs open cold.8th turn
2)Add about ounce of PB Blaster/WD 40.
3)Let soak for 2-4 hours.
4)Come back later and see If fluid has wicked past threads.Try and crack open another 8th to 4th turn.
(If not on the ones that haven't wicked try and crack plugs another 8th turn and come back later to see If fluid has wicked . )
5)Put a ounce of Carb cleaner and let set over night and cross fingers none break.

If plugs come out unbroken then use a vacuum cleaner with mini hose attachment connected to small vacuum house to suck out the excess cleaner/lubricant.

Which leads to question about HYdrolock.Will just vacuuming out the fluid and say crank car with no plugs in for a second or to be right thing to do??
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