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Considering that 351 is a significant number to me I thought I'd do something a bit different for my 351st post. A bit of a brief rundown on Peter Brock's brief "affair" with FORD.
During 89-90 Peter Brock in association with Austech Automotive Developments, modified a range of quite different & varied fords to the customers specifications. The vehicles modified varied from falcons GL & S, fairmont GHIA's (in both sedan & wagon) to Fairlane & even a modified version of the Ford Maverick.
Initially his modified falcon was known as the Brock Falcon B8, later on his fords were to bear the EP series tag (stood for "Executive Performance") The EP series was offered in 3 different packages & all models could be varied to incorporate a list of options.
Brock EPI - Level 1 mods included
*Brock Suspension Package (Variable rate springs, gas dampers, new bushes & stabiliser bars)
*Brock Sports seats (front & rear - trimmed to match standard interior)
*Brock Gear Lever Boot & Knob
*Sports Steering Wheel (Personally designed by Brock)
*'EP1' Badging
Brock EPII - Level 2 mods included all of the above, as well as
*Brock Engine package (featuring free flowing air intake setup, a rather trick dual exhaust setup similar to that used on the old E38/E49 Chargers with the extractors split to front/rear 3 cylinders, & a revised ignition system - based upon the 3.9l MPFI motor, offered an upgrade of up to 20%)
*'EPII' Badging
Brock EPIII - Level 3 mods included all of the above, as well as
*Colour coded bumpers & mirrors
*Brock rear spoiler
*Brock designed 16" x 7" alloy wheels with Semperit radial tyres
*'EPIII' Badging

All of these vehicles were road tested by Peter Brock personally prior to delivery to the customer. The Brock Motor Company was the only modifier of Ford Vehicles to have official government sanction as a Secondary Vehicle Manufacturer, ensuring all models were fully factory warranted (Ford's new car warranty valid except on mods which were brock motor company warranted)
The last offfering was labeled the Brock SE, (or special edition)it was available in only 2 colours(Silver Slate & Rosewood) & was in the main an EPIII modified Falcon S, however additional modifications to the car included an upgraded Eurovox sound system, & VDO cruise control,Central locking & alarm system inside, a limited slip differential , & it now sat on the then new Bridgestone RE71 radial tyres.
Although EXACT build numbers are a little sketchy it is known that in the companies 1st year of modified production 118 Brock B8's, 16 Brock Fairlanes, & 12 Brock Mavericks were produced, with production for 90-91 scheduled to increase to 520 units.

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I actually still have all the Motor (or was it still Modern Motor back then) magazines somewhere when they covered the design & build over several issues along with a competition to win one. They also road tested them at the end of it too.

YES its a 5 Speed!!
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ROFL ^^^^ what he sed!!!! LMAO
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