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Bronco Rust

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Hey, as many of us all know, Broncos rust and rot out like crazy. I was wondering if anyone has gone about replacing their entire rear quarterpanels. I don't mean a small patch panel for the wheelwell only, I mean the whole 6 X 2.5 foot section of metal that goes from the bottom of the cap to the bottom of the truck!

I also found holes in the floor of my truck. Not in the passenger footwells or anything, but the rocker panels. I pulled up the aluminum trim/kick panels on the bottoms of the door openings (on the inside of the door when they are closed), and found it to be rotted to hell under there. The little space was all full of rusticles and sand, there were holes going straight through. There are holes under the carpet where the seatbelt spools are anchored as well, at the bottom of the B-pillar, on the floor. Can these be fixed?

My whole truck needs new body panels, fenders and stuff anyway, but I am more worried that these holes will spread inward and make the truck unusable! I don't want to be seeing the road going by next to my feet or anything, LOL. If I buy rocker panels, will they fix this? The holes seem to be an inch in from the inner edge of the rocker panel. I would advise all of you to check this out on your trucks as well, 3 screws hold down the little aluminum panel, you take them out and pull it up.

I hope you guys can help!

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Little rust...

i have just a little rust, the bottom edge of the tailgate and the rain channel above the driver's door. My floorboards and rear quarter panels are good. We don't have snow or road salt or any other nasty winter stuff here.
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