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built this combo 7 years ago when $ were very tight.
started with TF 200 4 sp sedan, drove sweet and went ok. got given a crank and rods out of a XY 250 and things took off.
found a C1A alloy head on a XF motor that had expired, but the head was a re-con, so i give it a mild port on the exhaust and a little more on the inlet. fitted the best 351C valve springs that i laying around, checked on a mates spring tester with about 90 springs. found 12 good 95lbs springs. used old high comp standard 200 pistons with 6cc dish instead of the normal 9-12cc on the 250 rods, taking good care of not cracking them when changing over, must be done at a rebuild shop. these are all still standard size pistons that have done over 200k. the standard 200 block got honed and should have been de-ridged but the tool was not around at the required rings and bearings were also fitted. only new main parts were the crow 14770 cam and lifters with a second hand double row timing chain and new gasket set. this cam goes from 2000-5000.
then the cain 2 bl manifold that i scored for $100, and a borowed 500cfm holley with 28" squirter, 73 main jets, and a 5.5 power valve.
exhaust was a new set of geni extractors with a 2 1/4 single system with straight through muffler and dumped just before the diff.
diff was a not so good $50 3.23 lsd which only twin spun in a straight line.
tyres were 205/60/13 re-caps on ghia rims.
the car had a standard bosch electronic dizzy and a electric fan and facet electric fuel pump.
best time was [email protected] VERY GOOD FUN FACTOR. FOR APROX $1200......................CHEERS.....................
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