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calibrating the tps and massair ?

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how do you calibrate the tps, also i got a mass air computer today for 50 bucks from my mechanic, im hoping it's the right one. here is the model number if anyone can tell me if it is E9ZF-12A650-A2A IT'S A9L. now all i should need is the wire harness and maf sensor, whats a resonible price for those and what cars have them and what size is good ? 70mm, 73mm, 80mm? thanks. oh and frank, can you guys tell me alittle about the thing called tower shops down there, we have street races up here in phillyand big ant was telling me you guys just chill in a shopping mall parking lot and i was wondering how the cops don't get on your case about loitering?
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i kinda need an answer to these :)
cabrower get the rest of the guys on the FVC site on here, E-Mail em or post it on the FVC site when it comes back up!
try this i didnt read the whole thing (kinda long) but it will prolly ansewer your ?'s air.htm
To calibrate the TPS you need to use a digital voltmeter between the red and green wires on the TPS and set the voltage(with a friend holding the throttle wide open)to .86-.99
It should read around or above 4.00 when closed.
The MAF sensor can not be calibrated by you it is done in the meter,and is calibrated to the injector size on the car ie: 19# MAF calibrated for 19# etc.
what do i have to do? slice the wire or something to get into the actual core of the wire?
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