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I just got done getting my 2003 Crown Vic PI up and running. I dropped in a new Complete 4.6 factory Crate Motor, New Fuel Pump, New Starter, New Battery.... well you get it. I drove the car 60 miles to get it inspected (It Passed), Registered the vehicle and the last thing was the AC. Not being a AC guy I drove it to a local guy to get the AC charged. I get a call 3 hours later being told that as they were charging the AC system the car died and won't restart. They told me I had the (2) 4 pin plugs for the pressure switch backwards that might have blown the ECM. Feeling like I was being jerked around, I paid the $150 for AC recharge (otherwise they were going to keep my car) and trailered my car home. My OBD2 tester can not connect to the computer, I have checked all the fuses that are in the fuse panels (under the dash and under the hood). The car cranks but no fire, and I don't hear the fuel pump. Any ideas?



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Double check those fuses , there is a fuel pump relay also according to this schematic if it applies to your car you could try swapping out .

Fuse Layout Ford Crown Victoria 2003-2011

2003, 2004
Instrument Panel

Instrument panel fuse box diagram: Ford Crown Victoria (2003, 2004)

Assignment of the fuses in the instrument panel (2003-2004)
Ampere RatingDescription
115AAudio, CD changer
410AAir bags
525APackage tray and rear flasher (Police vehicle options)
615AInstrument cluster warning lamps module, Overdrive control switch, Lighting Control Module (LCM), A/C clutch, Analog cluster (2004)
710ADriver’s Door Module (DDM), Premium radio, Start input to police PDB (Police vehicle option)
825APowertrain Control Module (PCM) power relay, Coil-on plugs, Radio noise capacitor, Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS)
95ATransmission range sensor
1010ARear window defrost, Heated mirrors
115ATraction control indicator relay (ABS w/traction control only)
1215AMulti-function switch for turn/hazard lamps
1410AAnti-lock Brake System (ABS), Instrument Cluster
1515ASpeed control module, Power relay coil (Police vehicle option), LCM, Clock, EATC blower motor relay, Door lock switch illumination, Heated seat switch, Moonroof
1615AReversing lamps, Shift lock, DRL module, VAP Steering, Electronic day/night mirror, Overhead console, Air suspension, Climate control, Heated seat module, Speed chime module (GCC only), DDM (2004), Back-up lamps (2004)
177.5AWiper motor
18Not used
1915A2003: Brake lamps;
2004: Brake lamps, Brake signal for PCM, ABS and speed control module, DDM
2020 ASpot lamp (Police vehicle option)
2115ALCM for park lamps and interior illumination, Autolamp/Sunload sensor
2220ASpeed control servo, Multi-function switch for hazard lamps, Brake on/off switch, Feed for IP fuse 19 (2004)
2315AEATC module, Instrument cluster, Clock, LCM, Interior lamps, Door lock switches, Door ajar and roof lamps (Taxi vehicles)
2410ALeft-hand low beam
2515ACigar lighter
2610ARight-hand low beam
2725ALCM for cornering lamps and high beam headlamps, Police headlamp wigwag module (police vehicles only, 2004)
2820A CB2003 (Circuit breaker): Power windows, DDM;
2004 (Circuit breaker): Power windows, Instrument panel/Door decklid release (police vehicles only)
29Not used
30Not used
31Not used
32Not used

Engine Compartment
Under-hood fuse box diagram: Ford Crown Victoria (2003, 2004)

Assignment of the fuses and relays in the engine compartment (2003-2004)
Ampere RatingDescription
220APower point
325AHeated seats
415 AHorns
520AFuel pump module (gasoline engines only), Fuel tank solenoid valves (natural gas vehicles only), Fuel rail solenoid valve (natural gas vehicles only)
615A2003: Not used;
2004: Alternator
820ADriver’s Door Module (DDM)
9Not used
10Not used
1120ADaytime Running Lamps (DRL)
12Not used
13Not used
14Not used
15Not used
16Not used
17Not used
18Not used
1915APowertrain Control Module (PCM), Fuel injectors, NGV fuel injector module
21Not used
22Not used
23Not used
24Not used
10130A2003: Ignition switch;
2004: Ignition switch, Starter motor solenoid via starter relay, IP fuses 7, 9, 12 and 14
10250ACooling fan (engine)
10340ABlower motor
10440AHeated backlight relay
10530A2003: PCM power relay;
2004: PCM power relay or NGV module (natural gas vehicles only), Diagnostic connector, PDB 19 and 20, A/C clutch relay, Fuel pump module relay
10640AAnti-lock Brake System (ABS)
10740A or 50A2003 (40A): Crown North America (Police veliicle option);
2004 (50A): Police rear access power point (Police vehicles only)
10850A2003-2004: Crown North America (Police veliicle option);
2004: Police rear access power point (Police vehicles only)
10950ALight bar (Police vehicle option)
11050ARelay switch for PDB (Police vehicle option)
11130APower relay switch feed (Police veliicle option)
11250A2003: Ignition switch;
2004: Ignition switch feed to IP fuses 4,
6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22 and 28
11350AFeeds IP fuses 3, 5, 21, 23, 25, 27
11430AVAP Steering, Air suspension compressor, Instrument cluster
11550A2003: Ignition switch;
2004: Ignition switch feed to IP fuses 16 and 18
11750AB+ feed for PDB (Police vehicle option)
2011/2 ISOHorn relay
2021/2 ISOPCM relay
2031/2 ISOFuel pump relay
2041/2 ISOA/C clutch relay
2051/2 ISOTraction control switch relay
2061/2 ISOPolice vehicle relay
207Not used
2081/2 ISOMoonroof relay or Police stop lamp relay (police vehicles only)
209Not used
301Full ISOBlower motor relay
302Full ISOStarter solenoid relay
303Full ISOAir suspension relay
304Full ISOHeated backlight relay
401Not used
501DiodePCM diode
502Diode2003: Not used;
2004: A/C clutch
503Not used
60150A2003: Crown North America (Police veliicle option);
2004: Not used
60220AAdjustable pedals, Power seat, Locks, Decklid, Lumbar, Decklid release (Police vehicle option)

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Thank you Logan, I will recheck all the fuses and check the relays.
OK, So I have checked all the fuses and the relays. When the ignition is on relay 202 (PCM) kicks on as well as 203 (Fuel Pump). I do hear a slight hum from relay 202 and a similar hum at the PCM. I still can not connect to the PCM with my OBD2 tester.

Also, does anyone know if these new OBD2 performance programmers can wipe out a PCM? I guess I'm just having a hard time believing a car I drove to the shop just lost all communication to the PCM.

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