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Robert is the name and I've had nothing but blue ovals in my driveway either. It all started with my '75 Maverick when I was 15. I currently have three in the driveway, none of which I would part with. My personal daily driver is a 1978 flareside 4X4. Nothing too wild about it, a dropped in 302 and 35" BFG mud terrains. My wife travels about in a 1995 SHO which is tons of fun. Have you ever seen a 17 year old in some four banger import get smoked by a family sedan? It's a priceless expression. The third member of our stable is my bay, a 1987 Thunderbird turbo coupe. She is currently under a bit of a restoration. She runs as strong as the day I got her, but they do love to salt the roads around here and it's taken it's toll. Once I get her back in shape she'll be for seasonal use only.

600,000 km of power by Ford
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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