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I've tested the battery while off w a multimeter, and replaced the fuel filter; moving gas pedal makes no difference. Battery is supposedly good but can't test it while running, and I plan to replace the cables and terminals ASAP. Starter is working fine I believe, and I replaced ignition cylinder-- engine repeatedly turns over to start but doesn't kick in and either sputters out or stops trying to start when the key leaves the run position. Was hoping to test the alternator before replacing but am I just going to have to guess? I can't jump it enough to test or it anything, this is how it starts+dies even when it's being jumped off from another car.

For a while I thought I had a parasitic draw, but ever since it's stopped starting for whatever other reasons, the battery life isn't an issue anymore, and there are no longer any signs of parasitic draw-- guessing that means the bad alternator was what was draining the battery before, but the alt is now totally dead, which is why the jump won't work either? Was starting with zero issues until sitting for a few months.

Occasionally the engine will turn on BARELY all the way but IMMEDIATELY dies off as if it can't keep getting powered to keep running. Curious about the fuel pump because of that as well.
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