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Can't unlock Focus boot from car

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I have a 2018 Focus. Since yesterday, the boot release button is no longer unlocking the boot. Double-pressing the button on the key fob still works as normal to unlock it.

It was working yesterday morning. Wondering if I've accidentally changed a setting somewhere? Although I can't see anything in the manual about disabling the boot release button.

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Tried single pressing of the unlock button ?
Yeah the rest of the doors are locking/unlocking normally with the key fob, but it doesn't seem to make a difference to the boot.
Check fuse

F65 10A Luggage compartment lid release
Thanks, will take a look at that
Check fuse

F65 10A Luggage compartment lid release
Not the fuse unfortunately - tested and working. Even swapped it out with another (definitely working) fuse and no change. Think it must be something on the physical release button itself, so probably need to replace it.
BOOT???? is that a special model from texas??? never heard of a boot on a car much less a button for it
I'm in Australia
Listen at boot whilst someone operates and see if you can hear the boot lock actuator trying to open . You may need to pull boot trim , check for power and check lock assembly for possible water ingress or sticking which can often be cleared with WD40 or similar .
Thanks for this. I've actually booked it in with Ford, but its a few weeks before they can fit it in, so I'll try and look at these suggestions beforehand and hopefully cancel the booking.
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