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What alarms/secruity devices have you guys fitted to your cars?????
I am looking for a good alarm for my AU XR8
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Hi Rob,

You might want to consider a QuickTrak. Its a alarm / tracking system.

Its a bit more expensive than normal alarms (mine cost me $1800 3 years ago) but you have a heap of extra features such as...

a duress alarm (press a button and a cop is sent to your location)
nrma alert (press another button and the nrma are sent to you)
emergency door unlocking (if you lock your keys in the boot, call quicktrak and they can open the doors remotely)
vehicle tracking (if your car is stolen, they track the car, and send the police after it)

It is very handy, I got a call from Quicktrak one night at about 1am advising me that my alarm had been triggered, but the car was still in my garage. I went downstairs to the garage, and must have scared the potential robber off. (I didnt sleep the rest of that night though.)

Kelli S

Australian Member
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ok People

here it is..

this website does Car alarm Upgrades for any type of car..
There is an upgrade kit available for your vehicle which enables the user to operate an alarm system with their factory remote. By adding components to your Ford Smartlock we can beef it up to a fully featured car alarm. Features include;

- addition immobiliser circuits
- back up battery siren
- doors, boot & bonnet protection
- impact sensor
- interior movement sensors

This system is currently available for $595 including mobile installation and lifetime warranty.


Justin Grant
Sales Consultant

That is the price quoted of an AU Falcon

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