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Firstly, I was thinking in the engine thread, where the Hell does the LTD fit nower days.

FTE? Ford? Where is its engine gone (175Kw in the most expencive ford in OZ?)?

Will it be axed evenutally? Fairlane encroachment? I haven't seem many LTD's in Sydney, some in melbourne not many there either. I see Statemen everywhere, Granges are falling off trees in comparison.

When I was a kid, the dream was to own a black, LTD with black tinted windows, and have the biggest engine fitted to it. Back then it was those boxy mid 80's cars and the LTD fitted that so well. The name LTD still brings that to my mind, the car the stealthy CEO's drove.

I also heard the Fairmont was going to be exported/made to/in the USA as the LTD.

Export it, don't give it to the yanks. They won't get it right.

Ok, the LTD should be the flagship car for Ford. Forget the mustang.

If you want to grab criminal attention and desirability with the XR6/8 then the LTD should be the car of choice for well healed oraganised crime people.

Firstly colour range should be limited for the LTD. Black is a must maybe make a special black for the LTD (appears on a short wheel base falcon on say a GT or TS). Silver and white would be the other main options.

This car needs a engine, six cylinder should be redundant thats why the fairmont is for.

Anything on the t-series should be a option on the LTD. Maybe the V10 that was in the FTe mustang should be a option (after all its expencive and not a flat out sports car). Exports should help build its image, US, middle east, europe. It has to be americanish and euroish (like the grange/stateman is).

Also the cougar so doesn't fit in with FTe.. move it, maybe if it had some sort of turbo or something..

A true hypo six (with a man trans) would fit in FTe.. HSV doesn't have one (Xu-6 no man trans).

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Actually the LTD has the 185kW V8 that the XR8 had some time ago. It was king of the pile engine wise until FTE showed on the scene.

My guess is that Ford will just let it sit until the next series comes out. No sense modding an engine for mid/top end power in a limo. If people really want the extra mumbo they'll probably go for the TL50.

Next series expect it to get the biggest engine offered but built more for torque than hp.

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I thought the LTD had just recently received the 200kW? Maybe I'm wrong again.... I know the 185 was the go until now.
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