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CEL will not go away!!!

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Okz guys...this problem is driving my stuff up the CEL will not stop turning on for no has happend ever since ive had my car (since june of 00) and it usually only happens while im driving around or cruising on the highway...and the weird thing is if u just let the rpm's go down or u rev it up it shuts off...but pretty soon it comes back could it be?...oxy senors maybe?...but i get to good of gas mileage for that...and my car runs ok...HELLLPPP MEEE!!!
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Left Bank 02 sensor is shot

ohh yahh...pulled the codes...thats what it yah...i need some new far 106 from carparts for 2 of them...anyone know anywhere cheaper?
Try your local parts dealier, NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys etc. They sometimes have them on sale. $106.00 for two of them is a pretty good deal.
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