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Dunno if anyone knows anything about this here, but here goes:

Ok, So I figured i needed to change my Alternator in my 1999 Windstar (3.0L). Things were shutting off as I was driving home the other day.

Anyways, I pulled the old one, and brought it in to the local chop shop, they pulled one off a 2000 Windstar. Apparently mine was the 110A, and the replacement was the 115A model. I have installed the new one physically (minus the belt) no problem. The wiring harness is slightly different however.

On the old Alt:
one red positive hookup
one 3-wire plug

on the new one:
One red positive hookup
one ground.
one 3-wire hookup, one is GND.

On the new one the GND is hooked up to the center wire on the plug. I am the other two wires are different thicknesses, just like the original plug. I assume I can just match up the thicknesses, and it should be fine.

I just want to make sure that it will work. Im going to go outside an snap a picture or two and post them up here to help out my description.

Heres the pic:

The yellow and green wires visable are loose, and are what needs to be connected. I'm thinking of just connecting them up to the outside wires on the old connector, thick to thick wire and thin to thin.

Thanks guys
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