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I have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with 150k miles. One day the car started shaking and I limped it home to scan it, I had both the number 1 and 2 cylinders misfiring. So I replaced the plugs, and noticed that one of the coils was cracked. I replaced that too and still had the misfire. I took it to a shop and they told me the ECU was bad. So I paid $900 to have it replaced, and I’m still getting a misfire on the number 2 cylinder, which has a brand new plug and coil in it. I’m completely stumped on where to go from here, suggestions?

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Did bought aan Imported USA edge from 2008 that had similar issues, partial likely caused by wrong re-warring.. "still some to fix here but majority done."

1. Check engine Oil
2. Check front row Injector coils and Spark plugs.
3. Check Air filter

Those 3 should give you indication of the car need general service.

Not Shure what happened with my edge but coils needed to be replaced around 88k done this with new plugs. As wel I took the throttle body off and cleaned it.
"if you not want to clean it, you can keep it on the intake manifold." Advice clean it and use new seals for intake and throttle body. DO NOT CHEAP OUT THIS PART YOU WILL REGRED IT!!!
This together with exchange of the Air filter for K&N performance for Original Housing, Oil service solved my Engine Issues.

"still slight trouble with gearbox and traction control. ;(. Assume 3 bad sensors. "Steering wheel angle sensor and speed sensor l and r front.

Prior work on the engine disconnect Battery and short the + and - connect by cable. "This will hard reset ECU" after that disconnect ECU.

Now you ready to disassembly

  • Airbox and Housing
  • Batter as it gives more clearance
  • Disconnect all connectors and hoses, there ok reachable.
  • Disassembly Intake manifold
  • Cover open engine Part with clean towel "if some falls in there you fucked"
  • remove Ignition coils
  • remove plugs
  • cover holes with towel
  • drain oil
  • remove filter

With exception of the adding oil you can now follow up in reverse ;). Oil I add as last ;).

Why at the point manifold and plugs are out, no more vacuum on any place within the engine Block.???
Not sure of it makes difference. ;)

Make sure on first Start all electrics is off even radio as vehicle need to relearn Idle procedure, I did this for 5 min per gear position +10 with full ac in P.
Also some other system might need relearning please refer for those section to the manual as those procedures are described there.
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