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Check Engine Light!?

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Yes, Indeed. My first check engine light on my 93 CV LX with 91,000 miles. My brother (a former Ford Mechanic) dusted off his handy dandy code tester (to the tune of $800 dollars and my car is the first to be used on it... but that is a different story), and I think he said it needs DPFE Sensor or something like that... Any ideas how much this sensor will cost?

Jonathan The Broke College student.

PS he assured me it would kill my car right now, but would lead to sucky gas mileage.
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The DPFE or PFE sensor costs about 90 dollars and takes only 10 minutes to install - it has 2 vacuum lines pressed onto it. But you need to be sure to erase the codes, road test it and test it again. It won't cause any immediate harm, as the EEC system in your car will compensate for the PFE not working properly, but this does strain other sensors in the system. Best bet - replace it as soon as you are able to.
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