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should i do this mod,

  • yes

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  • no

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i have the sweetest idea to do with a useless push down switch, and a switch that does nothign by the e-brake now
ok there is this thing in the very center of the car were the trip distance or some crap goes(first gen) i have just the plastic piece right since i didn thave that option

ok well i cut it out and make two things that light up text ,kind of like on the instrument panel like the ebrake light or check eninge light
well i have one that says ARMED
and another that says SPRAYING or something

the button near the ebrake triggers the armed

and then the push down button im moutning to the shifter will trigger the spraying light

now all i need to do is figure out some how to have over my sound system the words "im bullshiting you" play, wouldnt that be the sweetest thing

ok so im tired and came up with it at work when i was borded

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go for it man...that will be sweet:s3
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