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Chrome exhaust tip

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I'm kinda getting sick of looking at the rusted exhaust tip on my AU Falcon. I had a look at a Chrome tip on a AU2 and it looks like they are welded on.

Is there a do it your self kit available that works with an allen key or similar or do I have to take it to an exhast shop? If that is the case any suggestions where to take it in Sydney?

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On our old ED, last 6 seat ED made more EF then ED, we had an outward rolled 3" oval tip simply pushed over the tailpipe. With the EB GT look a like rims, the same red of the GT , the tip and the dark tint people actually asked if it was a GT without the bodykit. Car looked better then a 6 seat GLi had any right to. I'll try and post a picture of it later.
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