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Chrome exhaust tip

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I'm kinda getting sick of looking at the rusted exhaust tip on my AU Falcon. I had a look at a Chrome tip on a AU2 and it looks like they are welded on.

Is there a do it your self kit available that works with an allen key or similar or do I have to take it to an exhast shop? If that is the case any suggestions where to take it in Sydney?

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Have you seen how much corrosion those push-on exhaust tips can get though? Because of the 'lip' it has the water and shit sits in there at the bottom.
It looks alright for the first week or so then it starts to look pretty awful:(

On mine its just a regular piece of chrome pipe welded on to my 2.5inch system, and its been on there for about a year or so and still looks brand new.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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