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sideways in a six
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right i'm sure it's been here a BILLION times but i'm after some super detailed specs for the good ol tree fiddy one.

bore stroke rod: obvious
bearing size:???
port diameter & length for inlet and exhaust - valves are 2.195 and 1.7145??
flow values?? ie info @ 28" (flow coefficient and anti-reversion in %)???? or a flow table...
runner diameter & length & flow @ 28"
zorst... usually 1 3/4" primaries yeah?? collector length, taper, etc (ballpark figures)
cam specs (@ 0.050") open close centreline duration, etc
spring rates, seated pressure

found some neato program that'll work out power and torque from all that... then you can simulate putting twin 1050s on a 302 and a 1" single zorst and seeing what happens...

or twin turbos on 12:1 running alcohol :D

... all without breaking an engine.

however i tried changing the 351W data that was on there to something different but it went backwards...
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