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I have been informed about tickets for this years Clipsal 500. March 18-21 2004

The tickets will be:
- for all 4 days
- Grand stand passes (so you will have a seat no matter when you arrive)
- Pit Straight seats just about opposite the starting grid and big TV.

The Beer tent is behind the Grand stand for your convenience. And everything is within close proximity.

My brother-in-law works for a supermarket company which has reserved a block in the grandstand section on Pit straight. (Location & name of company withheld for legal reasons) If you want to know where, please PM me.

The price, I hear you ask? Please PM me as certain unwanteds could be reading this, and I could get into trouble. The price is a total price and everybody will be charged the same.

The catch? You need to have cash sent to me up front asap to secure your seats!

I did this last year with a group of mates, and we had a ball. (Just ask Hot EF) I beleive this year will be even more memorable.

What I need to know is, who wants to go? We will all be sitting together if we book all at once.

Please register your names below for DEFINITES only. No tentative names please. Its hard enough organising this in the first place if people chop and change their decisions.

Hope you all can make it. GO FORD!

PS. Cut off time will be on the 31st of January. So hurry and get your cash together!

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