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I was going into a round about one day and a cop car came screaming up and nearly got into the side of me. I gave them the look they needed and proceeded on my way. About 300 metres up the road I look back to see the cops coming after me. In the round about they got close enough to see the radar detector cable hanging from the visor. Detectors are illegal in Australia.
They pull me over and after giving me the and the car the once over ask me what the cable was in the roof that they no long could find. I said it was for a radar detector and they promtly told me to hand it over or they would trash the car looking for it. So I handed them my dummy unit that would not work when tested.
I told them I would contest it and that i would not be paying the fine and that they would need to prove what the device was. They tested it and when they found it wouldn't work had to hand it back over. They weren't happy

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not quite on the same subject, but remember not so long ago they had the long weekend blitz on speed. we were travelling down canterbury rd heading towards milperra and sitting on top of the fairford road overpass was a cop on a bike pointing a hairdryer at us. crafty mongrels. we werent speeding or anything, I just happened to look up and see this guy, havent had a ticket in the mail yet but time will tell.
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