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Ok, this may be a bit long, but I will try to describe what is going on with my Explorer as best I can.

5 Months ago I noticed that when I was on the expressway going up hill, I noticed that the transmission seemed to switch to 4 x 4 mode. It would clunk in and out of gear. I didn't think too much of it because it only happened at higher speed

Once and a while it would happened on roads of 45 MPH

2 Months ago my left front wheel bearing starting to go.

Last week I was driving on 35 MPH roads and noticed that the clunking in and out was happening more and more.

I purchased the new hub and installed it yesterday and made sure the ABS wire was ran properly and plugged in. It took care of the wheel bearing noise.

However, now the clunking happens ALL the time. Probably 10 times per mile at all speeds. I can feel the steering wheel pull left or right when the "clunk" happens. It also sounds like something is binding up right before the clunking sound. Also, today when I was coming up to a stoplight and on the brakes, I could feel the ABS crunching feeling in the brake pedal. It seemed like the ABS was kicking in.

I am not sure what is going on and would love some insight.

Thank you,
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