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Today I started hearing a clicking sound whenever I released the clutch pedal.
Upon examination from the inside of the cab I found two cracks in the firewall where the clutch master bolts to the interior firewall welded nuts.
When the pedal is depressed the firewall flexes and when it is released it clicks when the firewall snaps back to it's original position.
I called the dealer and they said they never heard of this happening to a ranger.
They have heard of it happening to larger ford trucks and for them there is a kit made that has a steel plate that is fabricated to bolt onto the firewall from the engine side. It will not work for a ranger.
Has anyone had this problem and fixed it.
Looks like I would need to pull the brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder to see how to make a steel plate fit. The problem is that the firewall is not just flat in that area. In fact their is a reinforcement piece of metal that goes between the clutch master and the firewall that has lips on it that face ******d.
Seems like it would be a hassle to make a plate to reinforce this.
It looks like if I don't do anything it will get worse.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
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