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Hi guys,I'm writing to you from Italy,

I have read a lot of 3Ds and posts about keys,but still have a question for you about my Mondeo mk3 estate 2004.

Is it possible to program an used key with remote control (belonged to another mondeo mk3 estate,same year) having just only ONE key?

Everywhere I read that it's necessary have two codificated key to codificate a third one.
Actually I have only ONE key,not original and without buttons for remote lock/unlock.

I got the remote control from this key of other (destryed) Mondeo and have codificated it,so I can open/close car by remote control.

But for starting car I need to codificate the transponder of the key,the two problems are:the transponder is yet codificated for other Mondeo and I have just only one key,mine.

Too hard and complicated also for me.LOL

Eventually,is it possible to duplicate only the transponder?Suggestions?

Thanks btw

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Couple of options to try .

The programming of the transmitters is carried out as follows:-

1. Unlock the vehicle.

2. Switch ignition lock to position I (Radio).

3. Wait until the LED indicator is lit (approximately 10 seconds).

4. Switch off and remove the key (must be done within 5 seconds of step 3) the LED indicator on the dash will remain ON.

5. Stand in front of the receiver on one of the front doors and aim the transmitter key at it.

6. Press either one of the two transmitter buttons and keep it pressed (must be done within 20 seconds of step 3).

7. When the LED on the transmitter is illuminated press the other button 3 to 5 times.

8. Release both buttons while still aiming at the receiver.

9. The system will acknowledge successful programming of the transmitter by causing the LED indicator on the dash and the LED on the transmitter to flash 5 times.

10. Repeat steps 5 to 9 with each of the other transmitters which are to be programmed.

11. When all transmitters have been programmed, switch on the ignition (it is not necessary to start the engine) then turn off again. This will cause the programmes for each transmitter to be stored within the system

For newer models ,

Remote Transmitter Programming (410040)

1. Note:
A maximum of four keyless entry remote transmitters can be programmed to the generic electronic module (GEM). Programming must be done at the same time for all the transmitters.

To enter programming mode, first make sure that the vehicle battery is fully charged and the anti-theft system is not armed or triggered (if equipped).

Close all doors and fasten the safety belts to make sure conflicting chimes do not sound during programming.

2. Turn the ignition switch from position I to position II at least four times in six seconds.

3. Turn the ignition switch to position I.

4. The GEM is now in the learning mode.

5. Press and hold one of the buttons on the remote transmitter until a chime sounds. This indicates a new transmitter code has been successfully received.

6. After each successful programming, another 10 second learning mode is automatically entered, up to a maximum of four times.

7. To program additional transmitters, repeat step 5.

8. The system will leave the learning mode after the ignition switch is turned to position III, or if no new transmitter is programmed during the 10 seconds, or if four remote transmitters have been programmed.

9. Note:
An incorrect programming procedure does not affect the stored codes.

After successful programming, only the new programmed transmitters will be accepted.

10. Test all the programmed transmitters, by activating and deactivating the locking/unlocking functions.

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Very very very interesting!

So these are the definitively solutions for programmi g the transponder of another key fob (yet used in past for other Mondeo) having just one key.

Tomorrow will try them both

Thank you guys!
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