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Well, alot of the coil spring swap is complete. Since I couldn't find any suspension code info to order SN95 springs from Ford, I did some research and ended up istalling the 1995 Cobra R coils.
(Ford could NOT sell me springs without the codes. They were
completely stumped without this info)

The 95 Cobra R's are a variable rate with 700-850 lbs per inch. They fit real nice, and the car sits about 3" lower then stock. Very low & seems quite stiff. These should really help the handling! (I don't want a cushy ride, I want performance!)

There seems to be about 5" of travel (using the BBK caster & camber plates) before the struts bottom out, which should never be an issue given the spring rate..

I did find rates for the Eibach aftermarket hi-perf springs for the SN95 Mustangs, and these OEM Cobra R versions are MUCH stifffer. (450-570 lbs per inch vs 700-850 lbs per inch)
I bought the springs from FMS for $150. PN: M5310R58

For the rears, I went with TRW heavyduty Turbo Coupe replacements. These are another variable rate spring that is stiffer than stock. TRW #CC823. I did fabricate spring seats using the stock LSC rear control arms ect. I also boxed in all of the rear arms using .090" sheetmetal. This will make them much more rigid and prevent them from flexing as much under higher cornering loads. Now, I have to find polyurethane bushings for them? Does anyone know of a source for these? I believe the Mustangs are quite different?

One thing to note if your swapping in a 351W is oil pan selection.
I used the Milodon pan, which fits great and has higher oil capacity than stock. However, the front sump is not tapered like the stock 5.0 pan, and the swaybar had to be lowered 1" to clear it. I fabricated some lowering block to install bewteen the frame and swaybar brackets, and it worked out fine. I think the FMS
351 swap oil pan wouldn't require this mod because it has that
tapered front like the stock pans. (Now I know this!)

LOTS more has been learned thru this exercise. Many thanks to Humpless for his info.. His info pointed me in the right direction
and kept me from making many mistakes.. That's why I'm as far along as I am in such short time.

Anyone heard from Big Ant? I emailed him with a few questions and never got a reply? Like what brackets to use for the accessories? I reused the LSC brackets and there are a few hood clearance issues to resolve. I would assume he's the resident 351 swap expert? Thanks for everyones advice!

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hey man my email address is

[email protected]

sorry i havent seen any emails from you i have had so many lately maybe i accidently went past them. i had to use stock mustang brackets to get mine to work with a little modifications. if you are using EFI on the 351 you will have hood problems the same as i did!! there is really no way around. the oil pan i had the same problem and i used the solid mustang motor mounts to raise the motor up and to secure it so it wouldnt torque over and the cross member or anything else. if you have any questions just shoot me an email and i will always try to help! :)

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Your welcome, that's what i'm here for. I don't wish everything that I went through to get me end results, since I didn't have too many people to ask if I had any questions. Paul(LSCR) did help by answering a few questions i had. As for the rear control arm bushings, yes they are the same as Musyang, They may have a choice of round or oval bushings.

Glad I could be of help!
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