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Now that the cool weather is back, in the mornings the old Marq doesn't like running for the first 3 mintutes or so. it's a 93 with MANY miles. It's real hesitant and stalls and the idle will rev up and down for a few mintues be4 it smooths out.

Taking a WAG or two here.....

injectors partially clogged, leaning out the mixture until it warms up....

temp sensor intermit

some sort of enrichening injector or circuit issue????? I know some FI's had a seperate injector for whenst cold.... not sure about these things....

So far, ours starts same hot or cold!!! It's a good thing!

Keeping fingers crossed.....

I always recommend getting the factory shop manuals too!

Good luck!

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ever since i put that PCM from the 94 pi into my car, it has run crappy in the cold... like really bad. and now, in the real cold, it is running bad ALL the time... I am putting my p74 PCM back in tomarrow.

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