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Car buyers looking for maximum comfort need look no further than the Ford Focus C-MAX, according to What Car? Magazine, which has named Focus C-MAX best MPV in its 2004 Comfort Test.
Focus C-MAX achieved an 83 per cent score for occupant comfort, beating key rivals including VW Touran, Renault Scenic and Renault Espace. Awarded by a panel of independent experts, Focus C-MAX received full marks in particular for its ease of access and clarity of key controls.

"Ford Focus C-MAX takes the class prize for providing effortless access and easy seat adjustment", said What Car? Magazine, which also praised the instrument panel, stereo, stalks and pedals as clear, conventional and straightforward. The same magazine has also been one of many to praise Focus C-MAX's superior "driving manners and refinement".

The commendation is proof of Focus C-MAX's commitment to offering maximum comfort, driver confidence and control - the commitment from which it derives its name.

What Car? tested 40 vehicles of all sizes for a range of comfort factors, including access, seat position, seating and controls. Other strong Ford performers were Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, awarded 78 per cent and 65 per cent respectively.
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