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These are some that are commonly used in the automotive maintenance world and I think that before someone makes a new thread asking 'What does that mean' They should be directed to this thread, which states pretty clearly what each means.

Technical/Car related Acronyms

AC = Alternating Current
A/F = Air to Fuel
A/T = Automatic Transmission
ABS = Anti-lock Braking System
ACT = Air Charge Temperature
BHP = Brake Horsepower
CCRM = Computer/Constant Control Relay Module
CEL = Check Engine Light
C[K]PS = Crankshaft Position Sensor
CV = Crown Victoria/Constant Velocity
DC = Direct Current
DS = Drive Shaft
DMM = Digital Multimeter
DOHC = Double Overhead Camshaft
EATC = Electronic Automatic Temeprature Control
ECT = Engine Coolant Temperature
ECM = Engine Control Module (a term for a car's computer)
ECU = Electronic Control Unit
EEC = Electronic Engine Control (a term for a car's computer)
EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection
EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGT = Exhaust Gas Temperature
ET = Elapsed Time
EVTM = Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual
FFS = Feedback Fuel System
F/I = Forced Induction [engine]
FN10 = Full-size North American Project #10
FPR = Fuel Pressure Regulator
HO = High Output
[H]O2S = [Heated] Oxygen Sensor
IAC = Idle Air Control
IAT = Intake Air Temperature
IRS = Independent Rear Suspension
IMRC = Intake Manifold Runner Control
J-mod = Jerry's transmission modification
LCA = Lower Control Arm
MAF = Mass Airflow [sensor]
MIL = Malfunction Indicator Lamp
M/T = Manual Transmission
MLPS = Manual Lever Position Selector
MN12 = Mid-size North American Project #12
N/A = Naturally Aspirated [engine]
NPI = Non-Performance Improved
NOS = Nitrous Oxide System/New Old Stock
OBD-II = On-Board Diagnostic system Rev. 2
OD = Overdrive
OE[M] = Original Equipment [Manufacturer]
P/A = Power Adder [engine]
PCM = Powertrain Control Module (a term for a car's computer)
PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PI = Performance Improved
RPM = Revolutions Per Minute
RWHP = Rear Wheel Horsepower
RWTQ = Rear Wheel Torque
SATC = Semi-Automatic Temperature Control
SC = Super Coupe/Supercharger
SOHC = Single Overhead Camshaft
TB = Throttle Body
TC[C] = Torque Converter [Clutch]
TDC = Top Dead Center
TOT = Transmission Oil Temperature
TPS = Throttle Position Sensor
UCA = Upper Control Arm
VSS = Vehicle Speed Sensor
WOT = Wide Open Throttle

Misc. Acronyms

AED = Allen Engine Development
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
BTW = By The Way
FRPP = Ford Racing Performance Parts
IIRC = If I Recall/Remember Correctly
IM[H]O = In My [Humble/Honest] Opinion
N/m = No Message/Nevermind
OP = Original Poster
SCT = Superchips Custom Tuning
TTT = To The Top
X2/X3/+1 = Showing agreement with a previous statement
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

Mods can we sticky this?
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