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Ok currently the most powerful six ford has is in the XR6.

172kW @ 5000/374Nm @ 3500

Now it seems quite likely we will see a turbo version, more power and more torque, even in low pressure editions.

~220kw and ~400 Nm at simular rpms as the current VCT seem feesable. How does this compare to the great six cylinders like the GT-R.

Nissan GT-R Vspec II R34
Kerb Weight - 1560 kg
206 kW @ 6800 rpm (underrated more like ~230kw)
392 Nm @ 4400 rpm

252kw @7900
365nm @4900
Kerb Weight 1525 Kg

TVR Cerbra Speed Six
350 bhp @ 6800 rpm (262 Kw)
330 ft.lbs @ 5000 rpm (447Nm)
Kerb Weight 1130kg

And our hypothetical Turbo 6
1650Kg (same weight as current VCT xr6?)
1530Kg (XR6 HP weight)

So the main problem with the XR6 turbo being a real rocket is weight. If ford can chop 60-100 Kg from the XR6 VCT weight or do IRS for 20Kg over the live then it will be smack bang in the middle of M3/GTR land.

However the cars above are seriously quick cars. I hope ford doesn't neglect putting adiquate braking components on these cars as a option atleast.

6 speed inline 6. There is something so balanced about that statement.

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Have a read of Mr Flints views on the 6 speed for the eight in the thread Tickford TAT. If it is going to happen for the 8 I think the six will follow especially top line motors.

If these sort of developments do happen on the old inline, Ford will have to come up with something special when the new motor gets here in 2005-6

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Ive got a feeling that it would be making 450-500Nm minimum, add the usual Turbo tweaks and your guess is as good as mine :evil: :evil: :evil: :D:D:D
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