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I made an arse of myself yesterday and got bogged at a Targa event.

yeah car sitting so low that the gearbox stranded me high and dry.

But what concerns me is that while trying to back out, only One wheel had the guts to spin on me, no power was transferred to the other which just sat there!!!

Is this right?:confused:

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The Ford and Holden diffs are set up pretty loose from factory. I like to pull out the centre and shim up the cones for a more locked effect :evil: You would be surprised at the difference. ANother hint with LSD is to avoid tight turns as these wear the friction cones over time.

If I am right, the cones do not load up when wheel speed differences occur in the reverse direction (ie, when reversing the car).

Maybe someone who knows these diffs better than me can comment! :confused:
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