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I am about to tear into my '91 LX Hatch 5.0. In this rebuild, I do not want this car to be 'just another mustang'. I plan to do some unique things that I have not found in any magazines etc. One of those is to retrofit doors from a convertable on a hatchback. Has anyone seen this done? Is it possible?

By doing so, I would eliminate the window frame on the coupe/hatchback doors and have better looking mirrors (in my opinion). My concern, of course, is weatherstripping and sealing out the water! If anyone has seen this done or has any advice, I'm all ears!

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Cars with T-Tops used the ragtop doors. Check out some junkyards, find an older ride, like 79-85, if you see one with a t-top, see what type of trim, w strip etc that was used and see whats availiable yet. You have to keep your window channels, felt etc in good shape or the glass will rattle in your door. Good luck, Dan
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