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Thanks for the plug, Superman, I could use some more traffic.

Yes folks, Jerzey (aka Russ) is still selling his old CVs, I've driven the '92 before and was in great condition for the price he is asking (it needs some work, but its a great project car). I've yet to see the '96 in person, but I'm told its very nice.

About aka Grace Quality Used Cars:
I bought my '94 CVPI from there, and its in decent condition. I can't say anything bad about them personally, they gave me a good deal and replaced every worn out part the local mechanic found on it before they sold it to me (used parts, but they did it for free). However, those of you who have visited Bruzilla's site you may have noticed that they are the only dealer listed with a negative rating on his list of dealers. Based on this I think I may have gotten lucky, but who knows? They seem like pretty good guys, nothing in particular that I saw wrong with them (other than that they need a new building in Philly).
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