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cortina gearbox issues

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My Cortina gearbox has a non-functional speedometer drive, and it's hard to get into reverse sometimes. Feels like the fork isn't throwing the shaft far enough to engage the gear.
So I may take it out for a rebuild. It would be nice to change the big gap between 2nd and 3rd while the box is out. I'm in Southern California, and I wonder if anyone could direct me to a store that sells gearbox parts or rebuilt gearboxes for Cortinas. Thanks so much!
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Never dealy with these guys, but I found this:

Transmission Rebuild Kit | CarParts
what year cortina? if its the 1600cc that came out in the mk2 and early mk3, its or even the 2 litre its the gearbox shifter linkages. ford made these out of plastic and wear out quite often. let me guess have to hold it in gear? try burton power in the UK for some more.
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