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Cosworth Forum?

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I noticed you have a 'Speciality-Rare Fords' ( ) section and I was thinking maybe you should also add Cosworth to it because they have built some awesome Fords over the years :D Like the various Escorts, Sierras and the giant killing RS200:eek:
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I was in talks with the owner of Fordeurope and would like to discuss things further with him, but I have misplaced his email address. Actually I reformated my system and did not back up my mail. DOH.

I would be interested in setting up a foriegn area on the board for the European sections. Only issues that i would see is the Language barriers. ANy thoughts on this I am open for.

I can create seperate areas for Germans and French and what not with the associated language buttons and all. it is just a matter of finding out what languages are gonna be needed.

Always open for new ideas.......

Speak up guys. WE got you the links pages. I am working on a chat IRC that is intergrated into the forum itself. I can get Newsgroups...list servers... what do ya'll want.

LunaticSS :evil: :wink2: :p :) ;)
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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