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Cosworth Forum?

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I noticed you have a 'Speciality-Rare Fords' ( ) section and I was thinking maybe you should also add Cosworth to it because they have built some awesome Fords over the years :D Like the various Escorts, Sierras and the giant killing RS200:eek:
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I would love to see a Cosworth forum as well. A general European Ford forum would be wonderful.
That's the thing. I'm not sure.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> already has a forum. Although its an established site, there aren't very many posts there. I know that there are tons of Ford fans in Europe... when it comes to modifying cars over there only VWs are more popular.
Language barrier can be a problem but English is widely spoken in Europe. I can't speak for everyone though but in Portugal you are required to study two of the following three languages throughout secondary school: English, French or German. Almost everyone in Portugal that is my age (24) can speak, write and read English to the point where they can communicate well.

I can read and write in French and Spanish but I'm horrible at German. When communicating in German, I usually use a translation tool like the one available at <a href="" target="_blank">Lycos</a>. Just copy and paste, select the language to translate to and that's it. Many times, the output is not gramatically correct but you're still able to communicate.

The owner of can be contacted at [email protected] I think.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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