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CJR09 said:
Some more pics - the new guards and tail light panel are on and all welding is just about done.

The left rear corner where the accident damage, battery was sitting and the water from leaky window was ponding created such a mess was cut out and refabricated and I was quite stoked with quality of the work in this area, I think he really has done a top notch job dollying/tooling it up.

You will also notice the side indicator sections - the rear quarters I had (only ones I was lucky enough to find) were from an XC Cobra wreck so the indicators were changed from horizontal to verticle and all holes were filled where the rear spoiler came down.

Just a couple of things to do before she gets finished off and primed/blocked - the fuel tank maybe stuffed hasnt been leaking but there is alot of surface rust and will have to be blasted to know for sure, dunno whether to go for a drop tank or not then just the parcel shelf to tidy up.
Mate well done she is coming up great...another bird on the way
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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